Management Team

Founder, President & C.E.O

Dr. Mohan Reddy, founded Meruvax and has been our President and Chief Executive Officer. At Meruvax, Dr.Mohan Reddy pioneered the development of small and large-scale new molecules for use in drug discovery to bring innovative drugs to patients.


He has overseen the evolution of Meruvax from a research-stage company to a drug development company, including implementing the strategy to integrate chemistry capabilities with Meruvax's powerful Cancer and septic shock platform to create a unique drug discovery.


Dr. Mohan Reddy's was also instrumental in establishing Meruvax''s major alliances with pharmaceutical companies as well as implementing the company's financing strategy.


Before founding Meruvax, Dr. Mohan Reddy served as an American Chemical Society, postdoctoral fellow The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre at Dallas, USA.

Executive VP, Global QA & Business Development

Dr. Madhushudan Thota has been our executive vice president of Quality Assurance and Regulatory affairs since March 2013 and served as our senior vice president of Quality Assurance and Business development. He is responsible for directing Quality Assurance, Regulatory affairs and business development of Meruvax Pharma.


Dr. Thota has 17 years of pharmaceutical industry experience in a variety of leadership roles in cGMP and regulatory requirements, including global regulatory affairs and has audited more than 1000 sites entire world. Outcomes QA strategy across various sections of pharma APIs; formulations, development QA and QA of drug product manufacturing for clinical studies, audits and compliance areas.


Before move to Meruvax Pharma Dr. Thota served as global senior vice president at TEVA Pharmaceuticals where he was responsible for global development of QA audits and compliance and also associated with Dr. Reddy's laboratories, SVS Life sciences, Spain, Gland pharma and Piramal pharmaceutical development services.


Dr. Thota received a Ph.D., MBA from IIMM) Mumbai, India in Pharmaceutical Business Management. He has published numerous scientific articles on a wide range of topics including clinical trials, drug safety, health economics, and quality of care.


Executive VP and C.F.O

Mr. Thirupathi has been our executive vice president and chief financial officer. During his tenure with Meruvax, he has played an instrumental role in designing and negotiating corporate finance and securities transactions including the company’s initial public offering.


He has over 12 years of hands-on, varied business experiences focusing on the areas of accounting, finance, and marketing, operations, information technology. Thirupathi has been a worked in the private equity industry growing early-stage technology and IT companies.


Before joining Meruvax, Mr. Thirupathi was a Principal at SAP consulting and SAP Security/GRC Team Lead at Metropolitan Police in United Kingdom . where he represented companies in the, information technology and as well as venture capital and investment banking firms. He received his M.Tech in information technology from Osmania University.

Sr. Director of Business Operations

Mr.Suman Sr. Director of Business Operations. Suman manages Meruvax activities at the India laboratory, administration, and day-to-day operations.


He has over 10 years performed Business work in the field of Pharma . Suman received his MBA degree in Business Management from University of Melbourne, Australia





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